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SoK by DesertSkald SoK :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 11 1 Post Conjunction Journal by DesertSkald Post Conjunction Journal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 3 9 Shades of Gray Journal by DesertSkald Shades of Gray Journal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 2 4 Post Conjunction: B+W by DesertSkald Post Conjunction: B+W :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 5 0 Post Conjunction: color by DesertSkald Post Conjunction: color :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 12 0 Post Conjunction: pencil by DesertSkald Post Conjunction: pencil :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 5 0 Jareth Taunt by DesertSkald Jareth Taunt :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 43 6 Waiting for the World to Fall by DesertSkald Waiting for the World to Fall :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 4 0 Graffiti Artist by DesertSkald Graffiti Artist :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 13 3
Requiem -Journal-
Do you remember when we first met?
I was a child, naive in the ways of the world. Then I met you. You taught me a valuable lesson.
-Life's not fair.
It just is.

I wonder if you thought that in the end.
I kept coming back. More often during the holidays. I never was a family person anyways. You were my family. All I needed.
The others said you hated me for beating you. That I shouldn't see you, and you me. No one knew what could happen. Not even us.
... But we're too alike to keep away for long. We were curious about each other. 13 hours isn't long enough to know someone.
I think we understood our parts to play.
-     -     -
They say you died of a broken heart. That I broke it. We both know better. I never touched your heart. Your pride... I shattered like crystal.
I was 16 and stronger than you. How embarrassing. And childish. I was always the better storyteller, even if you were the better sitter. ... I STILL haven't for
:icondesertskald:DesertSkald 7 0
Requiem Sample Page by DesertSkald Requiem Sample Page :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 11 4 Move the Stars Journal by DesertSkald Move the Stars Journal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 21 17 Broken Crystal by DesertSkald Broken Crystal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 3 0 Stars Journal by DesertSkald Stars Journal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 15 14 Fading Memoirs Journal by DesertSkald Fading Memoirs Journal :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 9 19 Lina's Present by DesertSkald Lina's Present :icondesertskald:DesertSkald 3 1

Random Favourites

hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 146,159 11,294 Attempt 3 Hair by Towwi101 Attempt 3 Hair :icontowwi101:Towwi101 10 37
My hair is not golden,
Nor does it flow gorgeously in the wind,
I'm not stick thin,
I do not feel bodacious in a swim suit
My fingers are not long and spindly,
Like delicate flower stems
My eyes are not blue as the sky,
Or as green as the leaves
My skin is not perfectly soft to the touch,
There are callouses, stories even
Flowers don't bloom where I step,
Time does not halt for me as I walk by
But I'm still beautiful.
Aren't I?
:iconquibble4917:Quibble4917 1 2
Cancer Poem
Screaming at the top of my lungs,
I don't want, to be cut loose like this
And yet you, who suffered worse,
accepted with a smile
These words I shouted seemed to be,
nothing more than mere transparency
Images within the mirror used to be pretty,
But now I throw rocks at the glass and distort the image further
What happened to the pretty girl,
always within sights of greater deeds
I don't want to disappear,
within this unstoppable force
I have to hold onto something while I can...
With these scrawny fingers
You who are gone,
who could see nothing and hear nothing
Kissed my bloodied lips to yours,
Since you had no choice but to say goodbye and wait
Yet I can still hear your voice...
It's too late to change fate,
Death has opened it's arms to its child
The warm hand that once comforted,
Is now rotted and bony
Now the hatred and loss surrounds,
And I have nothing to grip
Sand of time is slipping through my fingers,
Trapped within white walls
I wonder if grass a
:iconquibble4917:Quibble4917 4 8
Hair Experiment by Towwi101 Hair Experiment :icontowwi101:Towwi101 11 60
She looked around the rock towards the shimmer. It was there, right ahead. Looking strange and tempting, inviting her to come closer. She'd first seen it from the window ledge of the sitting room, her favourite place in the house. The sun used to warm the stones and there was a perfect view of the garden. A perfect place to sit, snooze and watch the world go by, everything a cat could ask for. It was hard to make her leave her spot, usually only food could do that. But this was something different. At first she'd only seen a small spark, and had not paid much attention to it. But when it continued to sparkle, she'd started to look closer. She'd kept looking, and slowly became mesmerised. Enough that eventually, it had convinced her to do the unthinkable. To get up from her warm spot on the window ledge, walk to the door, and slip outside.
She looked again, it was still there. When she'd first come into the garden she wasn't sure she could find it again. Very soon though, the sparkle ha
:iconeowyn-saule:Eowyn-Saule 5 17
Secrets of a Mirror Dome
Looking into one mirror,
The figure staring back,
Is disfigured, hideous, and cruel,
But my friend's say opposite that
The kind of girl I am,
Hides behind a mask,
Her goals always hidden,
But who isn't like that?
Long ago, Eve's apple was a sin,
But as the time went by, most ran to obtain it,
I am no different,
As I lay words that make no sense
I walk around the dome,
guarding the image in my heart close,
the sterile white,
hospitals walling me in
I dream in white dresses,
Blooming flowers all around,
to only receive black tresses,
Unpainted masks that surround
The crack in the glass towards the back,
signifies the horrors in my heart,
The ones I am ashamed to hide,
the feelings of those I love sometimes marred
The mistakes that I've made,
Stare at me from the corner,
She shakes her head, upset,
But what else am I to expect?
Pride grins at me,
She's everyone's downfall in the end,
Her white teeth glowing,
baiting me with success
A softer image appears,
Of a lady in love,
but behind her
:iconquibble4917:Quibble4917 2 0
Heart's Labyrinth
Running whilst crying,
taking turns and forwards,
lost as ever
Futuristic and ancient,
slit wrists drag against white walls of the maze,
I search for a form of release, the end of the labyrinth
No such luck,
continues on forever,
The love, rejection, hate
The metal is cold,
Daedalus strides along in my confusion,
I am even beyond his help
Hope for return is gone,
I long for it
Constantly crying,
The air my lungs breathe simply hurt terribly,
I wish I could suffocate
There is no escape to the labyrinth in my heart
No matter how far or fast I run.
:iconquibble4917:Quibble4917 3 2
hatter's new look by briannacherrygarcia hatter's new look :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 10,107 1,629 Alice by MaraAum Alice :iconmaraaum:MaraAum 2,909 110
Lady Ice :iconlpdisney:LPDisney 10,816 2,043
Asuka by Abyssmo Asuka :iconabyssmo:Abyssmo 135 18



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